1 Penguin 100 Cases

1 Penguin 100 Cases

One penguin 100 cases is a hidden-object game for little kids
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One penguin 100 cases is a hidden-object game for little kids in which you have to help Pengoo find his way home. Throughout the game you will visit different scenes looking for items on a list that appear in three. Once you find the items on this list , new items are added until you find them all. Some of the items are hidden behind bigger objects,so first you should inspect the scene for movable objects. The scenes are cartoonish, but very well-made, making your task even more challenging. If you have trouble finding an object, you can always resort to the hints, which are unlimited, but take a few minutes to recharge. When you finish a hidden-object game, a mini-game appears, in which you have to use the items you found before.
As the game is intended for kids, there are no penalties for random clicking and you can take all the time in the world to find the objects.
What is more, as you progress in the game hidden-objects games are unlocked in the chapters section, so you can play them whenever you want.
Regarding the graphics, they are very colorful and attractive. The game also includes a nice story that is told as the game unfolds, that kids will certainly enjoy. Also, sound effects are good and the music is suitable.
In short, One penguin 100 cases is a beautiful game for kids that includes lots of challenges and mini-games that will keep your kids entertained for a while.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice story
  • Cute graphics
  • Lots of puzzles and mini-games
  • Lots of scenes to play
  • Two modes


  • None
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